Bank Feed Errors in QuickBooks Online

How to Fix Bank Feed Errors in QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online provides users with several amazing features. One such feature which stands out is the feature of Bank Feed. With the help of this feature, the users can connect the online bank as well as credit card accounts to their QuickBooks. This would also help the users feed their transactions into their banking center every day. Using this feature, you can then match the transactions with the ones already existing in your database, or you can also add them as new transactions. The users can use the Bank rules to further automate QuickBooks by settings certain conditions that QuickBooks online would use to code your transactions. By doing all this, it would make the process of reconciling at the end, an easier process. The users can promptly connect with QuickBooks technical support number and learn more about this software and other features that they provide.

There are times when the users would face certain glitches while using this feature. One such occasion is when the Bank Feed would stop syncing. When the users face this issue, they can rectify it using some simple steps.

Certain scenarios and their solutions

Scenario 1: The bank faces a glitch and cannot be reached

This is a situation when the QuickBooks software would send a call to your bank to retrieve transactions, and the bank would not respond.

Ways to fix this issue:

This is one of the easiest problems to which can be fixed by the users themselves. The users would merely have to press a button to clear this glitch. The users can click on the Update button, which is at the top right of the screen, and QuickBooks would head out and check with the bank again. This would often solve the glitch, and functioning would get back to normal.

Scenario 2: Change of password

Most of the banks would require you to change the password often so that your account stays protected and hence there would also be a slight chance of you forgetting the password of your account.

Ways to fix this issue:

  • When the users access the banking center, they would have to click on the pencil icon, which is at the top right corner of the account tile.
  • They would then have to click on ‘Edit sign-in info.’
  • This would then launch the update sign-in info screen, using which you can update your user ID and password to get the transactions flowing again.

Scenario 3: Corrupted Bank feed connection

In such a case, the connection between the bank and the QuickBooks software would be disrupted. You would then have to disconnect the account from the bank and reconnect it.

Ways to fix this issue:

  • In the banking center, the user would again have to click on the Pencil icon, which is at the top-right corner of the account.
  • Further click on  the ‘Edit account info.’
  • The user would then have to check on the box which is next to ‘Disconnect this account on saving,’ and then press the save button.
  • Now you would have to return to the Banking Center and reconnect with the account.

If you find the need for more assistance, then you can take up the option of connecting with QuickBooks customer service. This service would provide the users with the best possible solutions on how to solve the issue of Bank feed error.