QuickBooks connection lost

How to Fix QuickBooks Error ‘Connection has been Lost’?

QuickBooks may display some error during any time of work. QuickBooks connection lost issue may bother you at regular interval. This blog will help you to solve the issue if you are currently getting that or you can avoid these issue as well with some easy precautions. Connectivity lost issue may happen during the time of getting updates and when it needs to connect with the server need to prepare the network share and user-system as well. So you need to follow this blog or you can contact at QuickBooks helpline number to fix the issue.

Easy methods to solve the QuickBooks connectivity lost issue:

You can get easy solution considering these proven methods. You need to apply these methods in order to get the easy fixation:

  1. Restart QuickBooks: One of the primary solution that you should try is to restart your QuickBooks. There may be several other files that are running in the background along with the QuickBooks software. So you  need to close down the software and start it again.
  2. Restart the system: Sometimes an application get stuck and it doesn’t work. It leave a last option for you to restart your PC and try to open the software again. Same process need to be done with the QuickBooks software to make it working again.
  3. Fixing the error with QuickBooks file doctor: you can use the inbuilt feature of QuickBooks to solve the issue. You need to go to QuickBooks file doctor fix the issue by repairing the QuickBooks software.
  4. Using the repair software for QuickBooks: you can also use any third party software to repair QuickBooks software. However you should use this option only if QuickBooks file doctor fails to resolve the issue. 

How to avoid QuickBooks connectivity error:

  • Once you fix the issue you need to take precautions to avoid this issue occurring in future. By applying some simple methods and taking easy steps you can save your QuickBooks to go sluggish or fail to connect.
  • You should check for the updates at regular interval. You can get the update information by pressing the F2 key when the software is open. QuickBooks releases latest updates regularly to maximize the user experience.
  • Before launching the upgrades you should check the system’s compatibility. Also only the administrator should perform the update process.
  • You should open company files or Pro/premier account company files in the previous version once you install the updates.
  • You should remember that enterprise files can work only in QuickBooks desktop-enterprise edition. So you need to convert these files to the local systems by following these steps:
  • Log out form QuickBooks app.
  • Then copy all files form server and paste in the local system.
  • You should also try to create a backup and rebuild the company file for future restoration.

Now you have the quality solution for QuickBooks connectivity lost issue and precautions to avoid the issue. however if you need to get the best support and easy guidance then you can contact QuickBooks technical support number where you will be get the professional solution.