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QuickBooks Online is an integral part of the accounting software QuickBooks. It is also developed by Intuit and is cloud-based software, the features of which can be entailed by paying a monthly subscription fee. It is entirely diverse of QuickBooks Desktop, and one doesn’t need to install this particular application in their operating system. One can pay the monthly fee and subscribe for the same. This allows them to access the software from any secure login from a web browser. Purchase QuickBooks online is a website that deals with sharing crucial information about this product. It also makes a point to update their customers with essential notifications.

QuickBooks Desktop vs QuickBooks Online Which is better?

Even though both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop are developed by Intuit and are geared towards providing accounting and financial help to its users, but still you must be wondering that what is the difference between the two? Which one should one go for to avail maximum benefits?

Well, this can be a debatable question. QuickBooks Online can be viewed as a distinct feature of QuickBooks Desktop but in terms of functioning they for sure vary. The online version is a cloud-based accounting version which doesn’t need to be installed; whereas as QuickBooks Desktop, the users can guess from the name that it is a desktop application. So, the latter one cannot work without proper installation. For QuickBooks Online, the users need to take a subscription monthly and can access the software from any web browser which offers secure login facilities. But with QuickBooks Desktop, one either needs to purchase the installation CD or download the application from the official website. The users are generally required to take an annual subscription for the same. One can access the online software from any system with a secured login feature, but to use the features of QuickBooks Desktop in any other system, you need to install the application.

Considering which is better is totally on the customers to judge. Each one weighs in their pros and cons. Both of them have their benefits and issues and depends on from person to person that how they wish to use it. If you are someone who doesn’t work for an entire year on these services and require to avail only monthly subscriptions, if you are a constant traveler and take your laptop with you, then for sure you should buy QuickBooks Online. This particular software would be completely ideal for you.

Features of QuickBooks Online:

QuickBooks Online can be purchased in four different versions. They include Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced. Each one depends on the number of users your business caters too, and what kind of features it runs on.

  • QuickBooks Simple Start is ideal for those who run their business single-handedly. This is used in paying online bills and selling services. With this, you can easily track your income and expenses and also pay your employees (provided you work in a group). There is also an option to connect your bank account and credit card statements and also generate profit and loss calculations
  • QuickBooks Online Essential can be used when you need to track the money that you owe to the suppliers. Through this product, the customers can also give other people access to your data.
  • QuickBooks Online Plus is geared towards medium-sized business. It is ideal for those who sell both products and services. With this, you can create orders, track the inventories costs. One can also generate budget reports and also helps to match the actual report to estimate the income and expenses
  • QuickBooks Online Advanced is the most expensive plan among all three and is for those who have a massive number of employees working under them. This also has a fantastic feature where your entire staff can avail free training on how to use this.

If you will buy QuickBooks Online, then for sure a road of benefits lies in front of you, which will make your business and the way you handle it more comfortable and a lot of fun.

Issues with QuickBooks online:

  • Being a cloud-based accounting software which purely runs on the internet connection, one of the underlying problems can arise is the users cannot access this application without a Wi-Fi connection
  • Secondly, it can respond slowly and doesn’t respond accurately on some web browsers
  • One can also face login issues especially from Google Chrome web browser
  • Since every time the users need to login to QuickBooks Online, it is essential to remember the password.

Benefits of Purchasing QuickBooks online

  • As discussed, QuickBooks Online offers a lot to its users and that too by buying the monthly subscription.
  • You don’t need to install the application now and then on different systems and can use this software by logging from a secured browser
  • Every version of QuickBooks online is designed for a specific kind of persons. Whether you are a solopreneur, wish only to sell services and not products or both, work with a less or large number of employees, this software has got you sorted

Additionally, if you will buy QuickBooks online from this website, then for sure you are entitled to some fantastic features. You will be notified by email whenever any update or new functionality is added. Your call will be answered on a priority basis, and the technical executives will make sure that they leave no stone unturned while resolving the issues. It also provides a simplified dashboard and user-friendly interface and much more.